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News about the HYPERION system

Changes to the broadband measurement platform “HYPERION”

As part of the upgrade of the broadband measurement platform HYPERION, the following changes have been implemented since 2-16-2018:

  • Migration of the site to HTTPS, for increased security during browsing and user entry of information
  • Publication of open data from measurements of registered and anonymous users: EETT provides all measurement data from HYPERION to the public for free. The provided data include measurements from both registered and anonymous users, and have been adequately processed so as not to contain any personal information (user IP address and location information). The user can select the time period of interest and download the data in CSV format. The data are encoded in UTF-8 format and also contain greek characters. They can be freely reused by any interested party (e.g. ISPs, researchers, or even simple users).
  • Mapping of measurements to the new administrative units of Greece: Kallikratis Municipality, Regional Unit, Region: Location information on measurements of registered users has been mapped to four different layers: postal code, Kallikratis Municipality, Regional Unit, Region.

Corresponding updates have been made to the website texts and the user manual.

EETT will continue its effort to further upgrade the HYPERION platform and provide users with a useful tool to monitor the quality of their broadband connection.