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About the Glasnost

Glasnost allows the user to check whether his provider is restricting services such as P2P, videostreaming and Torrent. The aim is to identify traffic differentiation phenomena in users’ broadband connections.

With the Glasnost, the user is invited to select the appropriate measurement depending on the type of application and to click on Start Measurement. A standard measurement lasts 8 minutes at maximum.


Upon completion of each Glasnost measurement, the user may select Measurement details in order to view more details concerning his measurement, in a new window.

Possible problems and solutions

Server Overload

In certain cases, other users may be using the server. Making a new measurement attempt after a few minutes is recommended.

Headline speed error

The results of a Glasnost measurement are not recorded if the speeds measured during the process exceed the speeds the user has declared to the system. In such case, the measurement is not recorded, as it is deemed not to have been conducted from the point declared as the location of the telecommunications connection.

Java applet time-out

It is advisable to check that the Java plugin has been correctly installed.

Blocked ports

The results of a Glasnost measurement will not be recorded if the common ports of the protocol being tested (e.g. 6881 for BitTorrent) do not allow traffic to transit. It is advisable to check whether the specific ports are blocked. For example, if the computer being used to conduct the test has a Firewall (e.g. Windows Firewall), the user must ensure that during the test it is either disabled or it is possible for traffic to transit through the specific ports.

Excessive noise

This usually indicates that some other application is generating traffic during the tests, thus affecting their accuracy. It is advisable to disable any application using the network during the test (obviously with the exception of the browser on which the test is running).

Switching port during measurement

In certain cases the port where the measurement is taking place needs to be changed during the test. This may have a negative effect on the accuracy of the measurement. It is recommended that the measurement be repeated.

The measurement is conducted from an IP address located outside Greece

If the measurement is conducted from a location outside Greece, it is not recorded, as in the case of headline speed error.