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Terms of Use

  1. General terms:

    • Measurements of the qualitative features of broadband connections are conducted with measurement tools, using the M-Lab measurement system.
    • The M-Lab’s measurement tools process and store data as defined on the following webpage:
    • ΕΕΤΤ may use the results of measurements conducted by users to draw and publish conclusions and instructions relating to the broadband services provided to consumers.
    • The HYPERION system incorporates the M-Lab’s measurement tools, the use of which is subject to the “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)” terms to be found on the following website
    • The HYPERION system and the measurement tools are provided without guarantee.
    • By registering with the system, the user has access to additional possibilities, more particularly:

      • Geographical projection of the qualitative features measurements for his broadband connection on a map of the country.
      • Individualised statistical graphs showing the measurements for the user’s broadband connection on the time axis.
      • Receiving records of the measurements in CSV format (Comma Separated Values).
  1. Services for registered users:
    • ΕΕΤΤ is entitled to use the results of the measurements conducted by the user, as well as any other information he publishes on HYPERION, in order to draw and publish useful conclusions, in compliance with personal data protection provisions.
    • The user measurement statistics displayed on the map are the result of measurements conducted exclusively by registered users.
  1. Terms of acceptance:
    • The user agrees to send to his provider the information stated on the new user registration form (e-mail, postal address of the connection, connection provider, nominal speed), in order to confirm the broadband connection data.
    • The user agrees to send the telecommunications provider he declared upon registration the IP address and a connection identifier (e.g. local loop number) used in order to ensure that the measurement is conducted on the broadband connection the user recorded in the system.
    • The user declares on his honour that the details entered in the system are true and accurate.