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About the HYPERION system

HYPERION is an innovative and easy to use system for measuring the quality of broadband connections, available to all users in open source format.

Using HYPERION’s tools (see below), users are able to:

  • Measure the speed of their wired connection.
  • Measure Round Trip Time (RTT) and packet loss.
  • Check whether their provider is restricting certain services (e.g. video streaming).
  • Conduct periodic measurements, geographically projected on the map of Greece, thus providing the full picture of their connection quality.

The basic features of HYPERION:

  • A pioneering Web 2.0 application.
  • User-friendly.
  • Based on open measuring standards and platforms.
  • Guarantees accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Based on a technology-neutral, transparent methodology.
  • Monitored and improved on a permanent basis.

Projecting the measurements on the map of Greece

Users registering with HYPERION enjoy the following additional possibilities:

  • Keeping a record of their meaurements and related statistics.
  • Projecting the results of their measurements on the map of Greece.

Registered users play a key role in establishing a complete overview of broadband connections in Greece, only because their measurements allow the results to be recorded, thus developing the first digital map showing the qualitative features of the country’s broadband connections.

The user is not required to register with the system in order to conduct a simple measurement (without keeping a record or projection on the map).

Possibilities for Users

Through transparent, objective measurements, HYPERION allows users to:

  • Compare actual speed with the maximum their connection could theoretically support, according to the distance from the nearest local exchange.
  • Assess the qualitative features of their broadband connection for a specific geographical location and period of time. They are also able to identify any variations in connection performance depending on the time of day (e.g. low speeds at peak times).
  • Investigate whether access delays to an application (Web) stem from their connection or from the application provider’s systems. They can also identify the reasons for any sudden loss of connection.
  • Compare performance between cable (Ethernet) and wireless connections (WiFi).
  • Identify any interference from electrical devices (such as televisions, USPs, speakers) located close to the modem.
  • Detect possible traffic shaping by providers according to the packets, in order to check the traffic volume on the network.

Measurement Tools

HYPERION’S two basic tools for conducting measurements are as follows:

  • Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT): Measures amongst others the actual download and upload speed of the user’s connection Round Trip Time (RTT) and packet loss.
  • Glasnost: Checks whether the user’s provider restricts selected services, such as P2P and video streaming.

In order to ensure greater accuracy regarding connection performance, it is important for each user to re-measure at regular periods (e.g. three separate measurements at about the same time on different days).

Through the Μ_Lab Notifier, the user activates the reminder to conduct periodic measurements.

Useful Information

  1. Your measurements are only recorded and projected on the map once you have registered with the system and conducted at least three (3) measurements. As registered users you have access to the records of your measurements and to statistical breakdowns.
  2. The use of a computer that can be directly connected by cable (Ethernet) to your broadband connection’s modem/router is recommended. Using a wireless network (WiFi) may restrict connection performance.
  3. Before starting to measure, ensure that your broadband connection is not being used by any other software, computer or other type of appliance in your local network (e.g. pay-TV decoders, security cameras, torrents). Network traffic from other data transmission sources may reduce measurement accuracy.
  4. In order to use the NDT, M-Lab Notifier and Glasnost measurement tools you may need:
    • To install the most recent version of Java from the website, following the instructions displayed on the site.
    • To accept the source of the tool as trustworthy when challenged by the web browser or operating system.
    • To accept communication between the measurement tool and the Internet when challenged by your computer’s firewall.
  5. HYPERION uses the M-Lab measuring system, which automatically allocates each measurement to the nearest available server. When all the servers in the country are busy with other users’ connection measurements, it is possible that your measurement may be conducted by a server in another country. In that case, for registered users the measurement results will not be included in the statistics produced by HYPERION.
More detailed information is available on the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) and Glasnost (NSDI 2010 paper) websites.